Daily Energies 9/11/19

Today’s card is the Queen of Wands. This is an energy that invites you to be creative and feisty. It’s time to make things happen. You may be inspired to take on new projects–or get a boost to continue on projects that might have gotten stalled. While we are still in this powerful cycle of karmic clearing and transformation, it is good to start allowing yourself to think outside the box, to live boldly, be innovative, and forge your own path–regardless of what others might say.

Passion and creation go hand in hand. The Queen of Wands wants you to follow your passion, and allow it to lead you. Don’t try to put restrictions on yourself or your path by assuming that it must follow a certain course. Everyone’s journey is different, so don’t worry about comparing yourself to others. Focus on YOU, and what you have to offer. Put energy towards the things that make you shine from the inside out. It is good to have a plan, of course, but be flexible. View life as something magical, a dance rather than a struggle. This will open you up and allow inspiration to strike unexpectedly, and follow when it does.


Daily Energies 9/8/19

Today’s card is the King of Chalices (Cups). Whenever I draw this card, in any deck, I always think of the Season 5 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Fool For Love,” in which Druscilla says, “The King of Cups expects a picnic…but today is not his birthday!” If anyone expects a picnic, it’s the King of Cups. He’s all about diplomacy and togetherness, he wants everyone to have a good time.

It is a warm-hearted and open masculine energy, a Dad figure with encouraging words and bear hugs…and really lame jokes. He shows us that masculinity does not equal force. This is a good time for emotional balancing within yourself. You are being encouraged to avoid being overly stern or rigid in your approach to life, or the way that you treat yourself. We’re called now to live in a more heart-centered way, and that means being compassionate and encouraging to yourself. When you make a mistake, give yourself the sort of loving pep talk that the King of Cups would give you. Don’t cut yourself down. Build yourself up from within. In doing so, you help to re-parent your inner child, and this is key to thriving.

Daily Energies 9/7/19

Today’s card is the Six of Athames (Swords). Sometimes, it is necessary to move on. Perhaps you have lingered in a place too long, a situation that is no good for you, and now you are recognizing that and making your way forward. It can be scary and uncomfortable when we leave and set out towards the unknown. But often that very act of motion, the overcoming of inertia, is exactly what is needed. Because when you finally decide, and you start taking those action steps, however small, it signals to the Universe that you are ready to make a change, you are open to the New–and this clears the way for better things to find you, things that are a more proper energetic match.

This can also indicate an internal shift, a mental one. A big theme lately during this Virgo season clean-up is moving away from constricting patterns. Once you identify these self-defeating mental ‘loops’ and realize that it is essentially just an outdated program which keeps running only because you feed and engage with it, then you can stop and shift into a new frequency. This frees your mind of that mental clutter, those blocks which did not need to be there. Overall, this is a really good time for clarity of thought, of deciding what we really want to align ourselves with in the Now moment. This is what is going to create your future.

Daily Energies 8/31/19

Today’s card is the Three of Athames, which is the Three of Swords. The energies have been a little heavy over the past few days, the Virgo new moon dredged up a lot of things for many of us, and there was a lot of loss and letting go. Heartbreak and sorrow are some of those unavoidable human things. We all share it. That’s why there are so many sad songs.

If there is a heaviness in your soul today, or perhaps you are feeling raw or empty, acknowledge this. Let the emotion speak and breathe into it. It will not last forever. This can be an uneasy time of the year. We are confronted by the passing of time, of the turning of the wheel as autumn creeps gently in. The lessons of the past few months were not easy. We have had to lose things, including pieces of ourselves. Yet, it was all part of the greater process of Becoming.

There is a Latin phrase, amor fati, which means “love of your fate/destiny.” The concept behind it is that even the ‘bad’ things that happen to you–the grief, the struggle, the heartache–should be treasured along with the good, because it all flows together to create the larger tapestry of your destiny. It is all important. There are joyful times, and there are awful times, but they are your times. And they are all part of you.

So today, sit with whatever emotions you are feeling, allow them to be, and allow yourself to be, as you are, uniquely yourself in this moment on the Earth.

Daily Energies 8/28/19

Today’s card is the Ace of Pentacles. This is an auspicious card which indicates a bold new start. It is a good day to focus on what prosperity means to you. Prosperity comes in many forms, it is not strictly about material success. It’s about attitude, about being open to receiving. Because we all know that you can have lots of money and material things, but still be quite poor in other ways. Likewise, you can be living in a small apartment and taking public transportation but have a healthy lifestyle and happy outlook with all your needs met.

Being able to do what you love, good friends and family, a supportive community–these all fall under the glow of the Ace of Pentacles. Now that we are quickly approaching the Virgo new moon on Friday, it is an excellent time to harness this energy. Decide what ways you would like to bring more prosperity into your life. What areas need the most help? How is your health? Your family? Career/finances? Your love life? How would you like to improve in these areas, and what forms would prosperity take there? Then, consider if you have any blocks that are preventing you from manifesting this. If you identify any, just bring that into your conscious awareness with the intent to release and heal.

Daily Energies 8/27/19

Today’s card is The Sidhe, which corresponds to Temperance in the original tarot. This is a card of elemental balance. We experience patterns and cycles throughout the flow of our lives, and through the year. We are tied into the Earth, and the changing of seasons. Now, as we are on the cusp of another seasonal change, look to what elemental qualities you are currently embodying.

Perhaps you have been extremely busy, racing around with your mind buzzing, unable to be still. That may be an indication that you need more Earth energy to ground you. Or maybe you are feeling sluggish and lethargic, stuck in a rut and unable to get moving. You may need more Fire and Air in your life. We all experience a dominance of elements from time to time, and a deficiency in others. It’s like nutrition: if you don’t get a variety of nutrients from different sources, if you eat too much of one thing and not enough of another, an imbalance inevitably occurs.

Try to take inventory of yourself from an elemental perspective. First, decide what each element represents to you, what qualities they possess. Make a list of personal correspondences for them. How do those qualities appear in your own life? Is there a dominant element and one that is very lacking? Is there a harmonious flow, or are there areas that need adjustment? What ways can you create more elemental harmony in your own life?

Daily Energies 8/25/19

Today’s card is the Page of Pentacles. It is a good time to decide what skills you would like to expand upon and continue to develop. Perhaps in the past you have started a bunch of different projects but never really followed through. You may be interested in knitting or painting–you have all the supplies and sporadically worked at it, but there was no consistency, and therefore no real growth in that area. It happens to all of us. But now that we are in Virgo season, we are feeling more motivated and disciplined. All the fiery creative energy of Leo can now be applied in a constructive way, and there is an opportunity for real progress.

Now it might be beneficial for you to set aside time each day to work on the things you are passionate about. As we make our way to the New Moon on Friday, try to do some rearranging of your schedule and your priorities. See where you might actually be wasting time, and how you can change this to make the most out of your day. You may find that certain routines have gotten stale and need to go. Inspiration comes when the clutter is removed.

Make space for the things that you really care about and let the rest go. What would you like to do more consistently? Is it a craft, playing an instrument, or perhaps a daily meditation or mindfulness practice? What factors may be preventing you from doing this?